The Hardest Quiz 2 walkthrough.

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Now a lot of verbal genres and on different topics. The aim of the puzzle is simple: a few smiles on the screen you are required to guess the correct version.

The association may not be predictable. From the object to its color, in the country, the mood of the film and more. Nice interface and nice graphics accompany the player.

Developers picked unique photos of each stage. The plot is different from similar applications and it lures people playing.

The Hardest Quiz 2 Answers all levels.

1. Touch north twice – 2 times, press “north”.

2. What is dirty after washing? – your bath water.

3. Touch anywhere to continue – tap.

4. Why can’t a nose be iz inches long? – ’cause then it’ll be a foot.

5. Touch the correct sun – left;

6. How can somebody walk for & days without sleeping? – he sleeps only at nights.

7. Which one is close? – right.

8. Which one do you really need to build a blue boat? – paint.

9. How many holes in four polos? – 3.


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